Work Visas

Along with a passport, a Visa is a document you need to have to enter another country and stay there for any length of time. With a passport, one can usually stay for a period of three or six months, depending on the laws of the country. A visa entitles the holder to stay for longer than this and is stamped or enclosed within the passport. The visa states the purpose for which a person is in a foreign country. However, a visa and passport alone do not entitle a person to work while on foreign soil. To be able to work in a foreign country you would need a work visa.

To obtain a work visa, you first must have a letter from an employer stating that you have a job. This is called an offer letter. You present this letter at the embassy or immigration office and then obtain a work permit, which allows you to live and work in the country for a certain period, usually a year. At the end of the year, you must leave the country and apply for the work permit again for another year.

You may have a long wait for a work visa depending on your skills and qualifications. It is slightly different than a permit because it is more permanent in nature, but is subject to more scrutiny. When you have an offer letter of employment you do have to apply to the Immigration and be subject to a full background check. The immigration department will also need to consider whether there are skilled people of your same level of qualifications in the country and who would be willing to take this job. You can get different levels of these visas depending on whether or not you have a university degree in a specific profession.

You can also obtain a working holiday Visa in a country that offers such programs for young people. With such a Visa, a college student can complete a work term for a college degree while getting experience in the nature of the work and the culture of another country.

Each country has different regulations for work visas, which is available on the government website or by contacting the immigration department in that country or its embassy.